Elegant search
and deletion tweets.

Make your Twitter more neat and delete unnecessary tweets


Tweet Cleaner Master, effortlessly manage with no trace left.

Give this feature-packed Chrome extension a try and make your tweet management experience more convenient and efficient! Say goodbye to the hassle of organizing tweets and enjoy a simple, fast solution with just a click.

Elegant deletion of the browser program of the tweet

Introducing a powerful Chrome extension designed to provide you with the ultimate tweet management experience! This plugin boasts four remarkable features that you won't want to miss!

Customizable Deletion Criteria

Tailor the plugin to your needs by setting your own filtering criteria for automatic tweet deletion. Effortlessly achieve personalized filtering, whether it's by keywords, time range, or other specific requirements.

Unlimited Tweet Deletion

Understanding your tweet management needs, our plugin imposes no restrictions on the number of tweets you can delete. Choose to efficiently organize your tweets in bulk or individually, as you see fit.

Export Deleted Tweets

With the ability to export deleted tweets as a doc file, you can effortlessly back up and save your content. Never worry about losing important tweets again, as everything is under your control.

Privacy and Security Protection

Committed to safeguarding your privacy, this plugin simulates user deletion actions and retains none of your personal information. Rest assured that we offer the most secure tweet management solution.

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  • Infinite searches

  • Unlimited deletions


$2.99 monthly

  • Infinite searches

  • Unlimited deletions

  • Exporting deleted tweets

Standard Plus

$16.99 yearly

  • Infinite searches

  • Unlimited deletions

  • Exporting deleted tweets